Links! And a zombie-filled, apocalyptic review coming up soon. :)

18 Jan

So, someone clued me in recently that people also read the internet (and here I thought the web was for wasting time).

I henceforth set out to make sure people would waste their time productively – here are some of the bookier links I’ve encountered recently. 🙂

Emerging Bookie Entities of 2012. This link includes both a new book by Toni Morrison (Home) and a book that has “Plenty of Cake” in the title, so everyone ought to be pleased.

The World’s Worst Encyclopedia. Politically incorrect, this encyclopedia deserves its title.

Amish Romance Novels? That’s the look I gave when I read that, too.

In other news, run for cover, because zombies are coming soon!

Happy reading!

English: A layered pound cake, with alternatin...

We thank Wikipedia kindly for this image. It's hard to go wrong with cake. The nice thing about a zombie invasion is that there will be fewer people to compete for cake (now brains, on the other hand...).

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